Postural Alignment

Strength and flexibility is one key to good health and long life. Nagging pains or symptoms are not caused by weakness, fragility or inherently flawed physiology; they are a sign of insufficient food, water, oxygen and movement, which cause illness and reduce quality of life.

Postural Alignment combined with Acupuncture helps:

  • recover and maintain strength and flexibility
  • reveal causes and support prevention of weakness and pain
  • eliminate chronic pain, allergies, fatigue, immune system weakness, depression, and women’s reproductive health issues

Using a program designed to restore musculoskeletal strength, alignment and function, Emily’s patients experience additional benefits such as:

  • higher energy
  • consistent sense of wellbeing
  • improved immune system function
  • improved metabolism

The exercises are easy; they reactivate the body's natural physiological functions to move muscles and joints properly, thus energizing every physiological system.

After two decades in practice, Emily observed patients shift from perceiving themselves as bullet-proof to accepting that their bodies are susceptible to a variety of breakdowns. It makes sense that lack of motion or chronically repetitive motion gradually causes our connective tissue to become tight, dehydrated and thick— hampering comfortable, sustainable movement. Motion Memory is the remembrance of good health. Many have forgotten Motion Memory because in modern life we haven't been allowed the full free use of our physical inheritance. Remember yourself as a child— marathon pogo stick contests, tree climbing, swimming, running, skipping, dancing, and you will be engaging your Motion Memory.

Motion by design, the Egoscue Method of postural alignment, uses the body's inherently economical strategies to keep our muscles supporting our joints and skeletal structure. Simple exercise routines (akin to stretching and yoga) correct musculoskeletal imbalances and re-engage muscle and joint function. These imbalances cause us to gradually compensate with postural adjustments that ultimately take their toll on our structural integrity. Examples of lost function and compensation include:

  • one shoulder rotated forward or elevated
  • hips not level or rotated
  • thigh bones rotated in the pelvis, straining the knees and/or the hip joint
  • neck too far forward of the shoulders, all too common
  • one foot flairs outward and one is straight

Yet a river of renewal runs through us all. Postural Alignment brings major joints into alignment, relieves excessive wear & tear, stimulates recovery and enables proper movement, decreases inflammation and improves tissue regeneration. Together these modalities complement each other to support long term health and vitality.

Could your posture use a tune-up?

Stand against a wall. Place your heels, hips, shoulders and head against the wall. Relax your arms by your side and simply try to relax in this position for at least two minutes. Listen to where your body starts to complain.

Let Postural Alignment and Acupuncture facilitate the relief of those complaints!