Cupping is a form of manual therapy where glass cups are placed on a specific area of the body to help relieve tension and increase circulation. Suction can be created using a pump. Very often cupping is done on the back to relieve upper back, shoulder and neck tension. Many people become "addicted" to cupping, meaning they find its therapeutic benefits to be outstanding and sometimes even prefer it to deep tissue massage. Cupping can also be done on the hamstrings, calves, shoulders and elbows or other areas of the body where the fascia has become dehydrated from over use causing chronic pain and contributing to limited range of motion.

Cupping is excellent for those with muscle tension or pain from over use or from too much sitting. Moving cups across the muscles and along the spine is astonishingly effective and relaxing. You might be surprised how much tension you are storing in the large muscles of the back, shoulders, hips and legs. Learn to let it go!